Why don’t we talk? Wisdom from the mouth of babes..

The child has been asking questions ever since he started speaking.

Earlier they were about things he saw around him and did not understand.

Now, along with those questions, he also processes things he reads, hears and studies about in school and in his surroundings everywhere and has a lot to say and ask about those.

Yesterday he wanted to know what networking is in the IT sense and why it is important. With two engineers in the house, we jumped to answer and gave him as much information as we felt he could take in!

At one point, he asked whether computers were connected before the arrival of the internet. I told him they were physically connected. To illustrate, I said that two people sitting in a room could connect their computers via cable and send messages to each other through the network.

He immediately piped up saying..’But if they are that close that cables can be used, why don’t they talk instead of messaging?!

Why indeed?


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