Why don’t we talk? Wisdom from the mouth of babes..

The child has been asking questions ever since he started speaking.

Earlier they were about things he saw around him and did not understand.

Now, along with those questions, he also processes things he reads, hears and studies about in school and in his surroundings everywhere and has a lot to say and ask about those.

Yesterday he wanted to know what networking is in the IT sense and why it is important. With two engineers in the house, we jumped to answer and gave him as much information as we felt he could take in!

At one point, he asked whether computers were connected before the arrival of the internet. I told him they were physically connected. To illustrate, I said that two people sitting in a room could connect their computers via cable and send messages to each other through the network.

He immediately piped up saying..’But if they are that close that cables can be used, why don’t they talk instead of messaging?!

Why indeed?


A lesson well learnt!

As a parent I constantly endeavor to teach my child good values especially now that I feel he is old enough to imbibe and practice them and also understand their importance.

What happened a few days ago taught me that there is so much I can learn from him on a daily basis as well.

It was night time and I placed something in my cupboard in a tearing hurry and my hand hit some things placed on one of the shelves.
My jewel trinket box fell scattering things everywhere.
I grumbled at the mess of my own making and the spouse too had a few words to say about my carelessness.
While these reactions were being played out, my 6.5 year old came into the room to see what the noise was about.
And he endearingly bent and picked up all the things he could and put them into the box. Helping me! Once he was done he sweetly asked me if I wanted him to get a torch to see if something had rolled under the bed!

My mind instantly recalled the times he had accidentally dropped his books or colors or been sloppy while eating and my reaction in those instances! Asking him why he couldn’t be more careful as he was now ‘ a big boy’ was invariably my first question. Many times the help I provided to him to clean up the mess was also not in very good grace.

I contrasted that with what he had done.. Helped me no questions asked and without pointing out the obvious!
And that had helped resolve the situation in a much nicer way with me hugging him and both of us smiling!

Hence the lesson learnt was that as an adult and a parent I could be

Non judgemental
Less hasty to point out mistakes
More understanding
Patient enough to see certain accidents as accidents.

I hope to remember this practical lesson the next time the inevitable mess happens! It will be much easier to deal with!

Joy is in the small things!

Waking up suddenly and realizing on checking the time, that I can sleep for another hour…!

Seeing my little one snuggled under the blankets fast asleep and being able to let him sleep for 10 minutes more!

My child sleepily hugging me and pulling my face down to plant a kiss on my cheek as soon as he wakes up!

Realizing that everything is ready for school 10 minutes before it needs to be!

The child turning back to see me standing by the door and blowing me a kiss before rushing off to school!

Small things but ones that bring much joy on a Monday morning as I struggle to get over the lazy weekend!